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Feb 28, 2023

  • Ben Lowe tandem entanglement
  • Ben discusses getting back on the horse
  • Taking 7 year olds on a tandem
  • What would need to change in the UK for a DZ to take a minor on a tandem?
  • Melissa Nelson online AFF courses
  • What would need to change in the UK for a DZ to adopt online instruction?
  • Front Cover photo by Bruno Brokken - a self portrait over Costa Rica
  • Back Cover photos by Bruno Brokken of a Front Cover. 90% Italian magazine features Brian on the front cover. :-)
  • PIA in Reno happening now - you should go.
  • London BASE Jumps
  • Super sketchy 4s delays on a base jump from a crane.
  • Coaching qualifications Level2
  • Rookie Rumble Starlets
  • British Record attempts for Total Break Sequential
  • Ebu Uyar listener email
  • Brian travels with suspicious looking lead and gets quizzed. Unsurprisingly.
  • Brian dropped his N3 digital alti in the swimming pool
  • Craig is 1 from 3.
  • Craig is too simple to Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

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