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80 Kate Cooper Jensen Herc Exit Injury 2004.

Mar 17, 2021

• Kate Cooper-Jensen shares her 2004 Herc Exit Injury story
• Richard Phillips Front Cover photo
• Mahmoud Sharaf Jumps Like a Pharaoh over the pyramids
• Pete Allum Future Proofing our sport
• Stu Turner Back Cover photo of a double rainbow awesome
• Cover photos sponsored by HB Camera Mount
• Andy Ford listener feedback
• Dropzones and tunnels to reopen soon
• Craig is Craig #2
• Maldives Boogie and Namibia Boogie photos are wow
• Online skydiving - Diversity in Skydiving
• Online skydiving - Women in Skydiving
• Colin Scott Thompson Youtube channel
• Brian thinks the show needs a proper logo
• Rai ODs on DnI
• Craig made an app. It took him 10mins and he made £millions.
• Brian likes another app

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