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Apr 25, 2022

▪ Paul Mayer and State of the Tunnel Industry in the UK (56:05)
▪ Spencer Bailey Front Cover of a CReW formation over Skydive Sebastien
▪ Plane Swap Back Cover by RedBull of Luke Aikins climbing back in.
▪ Intentional Plane Crash Dude
▪ FAA attitude
▪ Bonehead Helmet with freefall comms
▪ Twinwoods goes bust :-(
▪ First Aid Courses
▪ Brian has a… drumroll… passport! 
▪ Brian loves his sponsors and his Jav which he says is the most comfortable thing in the world.
▪ Insta360 Go2 tiny HD camera - a GoPro beater?
▪ Brian’s Big Way Skills Camp is sold out.
▪ Craig’s got a whole weekend of jumping planned. 
▪ Rai will be there too. Tash won’t.
▪ Tash has a 170 for her first jumps back.
▪ Tash judged.
▪ Tash translated.

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