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Jan 24, 2024

  • The Expo is coming
  • School of Hard Knocks with Casey Pruett (1h00m10s)
  • Front Cover of Jake Quigley by Laura Hampton over Skydive Langar
  • SkyHigh buy a 2nd caravan
  • Craig bemoans British Skydiving non-election
  • Laura’s pet project is Skydive Langar Winter Webinars
  • Eloy Hot Air Balloon Crash
  • 400 the Movie. Crowdfunding...

Dec 11, 2023

  • Andy Malchiodi talks about his Hollywood movie ‘Hex’
  • Front cover photo over of Ebu Uyar deploying over Skydive Senegal with the Atlantic
  • Ocean watching on.
  • Go Skydive expansion into Wales and Kent
  • Skydive Tilstock has a use for Headcorn’s old plane
  • Langar does 50,000 jumps in a year
  • AON2 Obsidian delayed.
  • AON2 X0...

Feb 28, 2023

  • Ben Lowe tandem entanglement
  • Ben discusses getting back on the horse
  • Taking 7 year olds on a tandem
  • What would need to change in the UK for a DZ to take a minor on a tandem?
  • Melissa Nelson online AFF courses
  • What would need to change in the UK for a DZ to adopt online instruction?
  • Front Cover photo by Bruno Brokken - a...

Feb 6, 2023

• Skydive The Expo review
• Craig is no longer Chair of British Skydiving
• The King is Dead
• Long Live Queen Mary
• Craig’s ego is dented. 
• Brian is ‘supportive’, like all good friends are. 
• Front Cover photo by Jacek RRRRR of Joe Laming
• Back Cover photo by Andreas Roksvaag

Jan 24, 2023

  • Arthur Amara talks about Obsidian, the Heads Up Display Visual Altimeter
  • Is the Obsidian expensive, or cheap?
  • Bruno Brokken Front Cover Photo of Brian and friends over the pyramids
  • Ryan Garner Back Cover Photo of Lee Robinson exiting on his 1st wingsuit jump
  • The UK has had a surprisingly sunny January
  • Laura discusses...