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Jul 1, 2020

• Roy Wimmer-Jaglom, world class cameraflyer, XL interview
• Rick Poplinger Front Cover Photo of Niculai Miru having some freefall facemask issues.
• Roy Wimmer-Jaglom kit (and sponsor plug) back cover photo
• Roy's interview starts 1h03m
• Roy discusses canopy separation
• Roy has an unusual way of packing due to an insightful view on life
• Roy, Brian and Tash bond over intelligent laziness
• Roy bought a green canopy. And regretted it almost instantly.
• Craig usurps the usurpers
• Tash quits skydiving.
• Wake Tash up when September comes.
• Brian gets ready to jump again as Skydive Langar opens
• Not all UK DZs are ready
• Logbook comparisons… Craig has the biggest but Brian has many.
• Tash uses parchment and quill so is unable to join the contest
• Skydive Deland shuts down for a deep clean.
• Skydive Paraclete XP says deal with it.
• Brian’s online classes are getting busier and busier. Check them out at
• CareAllFoundation have a great blog with Pete Allum
• MagniX fly their Cessna Grand Caravan with an electric motor.
• Support from Flysight
• Support from IndoorWingsuit
• Brian’s bigway camp in Czechia at end of July looks more and more likely.
• Brian’s bigway event in California at end of Sept looks more and more unlikely.
• Craig celebrates 30 years in the sport.


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