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Mar 8, 2016

• Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld headline interview and pure gold comes from his mouth. His book Above All Else is available from all good book shops (and some shitty ones too).
• Matt Zwicker's School of Hard Knocks
• Front cover by Linzi Johnston of an FF jump taken over Skydive Algarve
• Back photo is Rai Ahmed's shadow carving around the Bedford tunnel
AGM Expo - Rob Lloyd rocks it. Brian snubs the meal yet again. Late nights all round
• Craig reminisces about the skydiving gig he's been dining on for the last 10 years
• UKS died...but was resuscitated
• Windoor Windgames freestyle to music broke the internet
• Chatteris offers massive 4wayFS cash prize
• Brian can't drink the Kool-Aid because he doesn't know what it means
• Brian might have won medals if he was competing against Airspeed back in the day
• Brian shamelessly plugs his Bigway Beginners camp. Skydive Langar, 16/17th April
• Craig is current again and his magical logbook proves that his recent layoff is not his longest
• Craig thought he was a little bit over tunnel, but then splurged on a load more time at the Expo
• Craig can't break the habit of a lifetime and calls the Expo the AGM
• The World Challenge approaches
• Brian and Craig are going to the States this year but not the same place or at the same time
• Craig encodes 1.1TBs of old skydiving DV tapes...which will only take 4.5 months to backup online
• Jonathan Charles sporting wingsuit hybrid reserve deployment