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Aug 25, 2020

• Bruno Brokken, world class cameraflyer, XL interview
• Bruno Brokken Front Cover Photo of Sian, Milko and Herman over the Blue Hole in Belize
• Photos in Skydive The Mag, Aug 2020 edition
• Bruno’s photo in the Alps
• Bruno’s photo of a 100way multi-pointer
• Bruno’s photo of a CF stack at sunset
• Bruno’s photo of a Union Flag in coloured smoke over Skydive Netheravon
• Bruno’s photo of a 16way chunk launching from a big helicopter
• Bruno’s photo over of the Red Devils over the Tower of London
• Bruno’s photo of Al and Pixie
• Bruno’s photo of a multi-Herc jump
• Bruno’s photo of Yves Rossy flying Calais-Dover
• Bruno’s photo of the Maldives Boogie
• Bruno’s photo of the Montserrat mountain and Milko and Dave
• Support from Flysight
• Support from Indoor Wingsuit

TL:DR Bruno takes some photos and talks about them.


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