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Apr 25, 2018

  • Rickster Powell Headline Interview, PD Canopy Test Pilot
  • Front Cover by Denis Zhuravkov of Chris Bohn sitting on Phil Sparrow’s canopy over Florida Skydiving Centre
  • Back Cover by Chris Cook of Alan Foulkes-Williams not giving up on his rears despite overwhelming evidence that he should.
  • Karim Shokrae School of Hard Knocks
  • Andy Ford Book Club. He recommends Ken Follet ‘Pillars of the Earth’
  • Bryan Burke ‘How green is my skydive?
  • Tunnel for sale
  • Fred and Vince never fail to bore us
  • BPA Skydive The Expo videos are live
  • BPA changes name to British Skydiving?
  • Brian doesn’t feel so current after the winter but does AFF anyway.
  • Craig doesn’t feel so current after the winter but downsizes to a
  • PD Valkyrie 84 anyway.
  • Listener input from Gilad
  • Brian got to be on TV. And only said one swear word. Winning.