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May 8, 2016

  • John Kallend headline interview, skydiver and Physics professor dispels the “45 degree myth” and talks about exit order
  • Mikey Carpenter Thought for the Podcast. He’s inimitable
  • Norman Kent School of Hard Knocks
  • Front Cover by Chris Cook taken by the impressive Ricoh Theta 360deg camera
  • Back Cover 1 by Brad Patterson of the most scared tandem in the world
  • Back Cover 2 by Ally Milne also using the Ricoh Theta this time for a swoop landing and
  • Back Cover 3 is Core Skydiving’s Mike McNulty teaching someone to track in the tunnel.
  • Which is your favourite? We couldn’t decide. So we used all of them.
  • There is no banter.
  • What's better...doing more jumps but paying for them? Or less jumps but getting paid for them?
  • French Parachute Federation introduces draconian canopy size / wing loading regulations - are they giving the BPA ideas?
  • Airtec relaxes the servicing requirements for new Cypreses (Cyprii?)
  • BPA relaxes medical certificate requirements for tandem students
  • Why "Nobody Should Skydive"...thought piece video and how it was received by certain sections of the membership
  • Brian and Jack expand their empire with purchase of the steaming cess pool that is and Craig doesn't give a fuck.
  • Return of the strikes back
  • We're British so of course we discuss the weather
  • Lots of listener questions from Markus, anonymous asks about wind tunnel competitions, Matt Kite asks about equipment lifing (Craig almost mentions the war but thinks he gets away with it), Papa G, James Moseley, Jeremy asks about stuff, Matt Brown asks about incident tracking and reporting
  • Brian has been to California again and has his FF1. Only took 13 years!
  • Bigway Beginners X (internationally renowned) was a big success. No thanks to wildly incorrect weather forecast
  • Craig increases his wing loading again and ponders wing loadings > 3
  • Tash appreciates the difference between tunnel and sky flying. She flies the flag. For something. Probably Brexit. ;-)
  • Tash is touching cloth again, owes beer for a first and is judging the weekend's UKSL

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