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Aug 2, 2018

  • Arthur Amarra headline interview - AON2 smart altimeter inventor
  • Ewan Cowie School of Hard Knocks
  • Even Rokne Ask the Expert about Innhopps
  • Paul Rimmington Front Cover of an impromptu 14way over Cark
  • Michael Bellotti Back Cover of some dude not wearing any skydiving gear at some place in the world
  • James Corden and Tom Cruise do a tandem. New hand signal invented. Brian's students love it.
  • The UK runs out of money due to two months of non-stop glorious weather.
  • Wingsuiters go up by >100m. Wtf.
  • Speed skydivers go down by > the laws of physics will allow. Err....
  • USPA allows indoor skydiving as part of AFF outdoor skydiving training. Err....
  • Women on Wings lose planes. 
  • Women on Wings lose luggage. Brian, Craig and Tash have very similar thoughts on how to transport rigs on commercial flights. 
  • Skydive Radio played 5mins of our audio. They love us. <swoon>
  • Alex Busby Hicks sends us some gifts. Ta mate.
  • Every other listener DOESN'T send us gifts. Wankers. <hint>
  • Helen 'Whippet' Terry email and Gilaad audio submissions
  • Brian's nightmare came true. Weird.
  • Brian has a shiny new digital logbook. Thank you Linley Ewing.
  • Tash has a working dishwasher
  • Craig has a working sodastream. Yes, really.
  • Brian is the only host to have jumped in the fortnight between episodes. Could you tell?

Thank you for listening. Please share the podcast with your friends. And please consider supporting AON2 with their X2 smart alti. British design and we should be supporting our innovators.