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Feb 8, 2022

• Rich Grimm headline interview
• Rich gives some top tips for exotic boogie visitors
• Rich talks about his worst boogie disasters
• Thought for the Podcast by Melanie Curtis
• Front Cover photo by Jarno Cordia of the Maldives boogie
• Back cover of Craig passing Brian an award at the Expo.
• Craig gets stroppy from the very start
• Brian pretends its normal
• Craig _needs_ to jump
• Rai and Tash are in the future
• The London studios are no more
• Craig offers Brian a VK84. Brian buys a Sabre3 135 instead.
• Proximity XRW with Pete Allum and Dani Roman
• DanBC’s 60th causes Brian to raise his eyebrows
• Twinwoods shuts due to electricity prices
• Planning permission passed for a London tunnel
• Indoor Nationals
• Skydive The Expo
• Craig Poxon is the unicorn shit of British Skydiving
• Martin Soulsby’s 40th jump anniversary
• Brian’s heading to Costa Rica
• Brian got interviewed by Regan
• Craig gets burned by Skydiving Memes Insta page
• Tilstock doing cool stuff HELP US SPREAD THE WORD

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