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Mar 29, 2021

• Carsten Cooper-Jensen AAD Fire
• Carsten’s 2nd AAD Fire
• Carsten’s 3rd AAD Fire
• Carsten’s 4th AAD Fire
• No, really.
• Front Cover by Ewan Cowie
• Back Cover by Craig Poxon
• SkyHigh unlimited pass
• RIP Rocky Evans (Ep43)
• Lodi is sued for $40m
• Canopy Training is the new freefall.
• Brian tests Craig and Tash on the Emergency Procedures.
• They pass with a whimpering limp.
• Listener submissions, James, Ahmad, etc
• Friday Freakout link coming soon James, promise!
• Tash compares DFV Tandem Pilots and UK Tandem Masters
• Craig has too many t-shirts but doesn’t know how many
• Brian remembers to include KateCJ’s outtake
• There are no outtakes
• Support form


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