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Jun 8, 2016

  • Norman Kent Headline Interview - the world’s most famous skydiving cameraflyer talks to us about his life and career. 
  • Mike Carpenter School of Hard Knocks (aircraft emergencies)
  • Answers from Drunk Skydivers reveals that they don’t know about jerking off. <sad face>
  • Front Cover by Ming Chu. Self portrait over Skydive NorthWest (Cark) of him and his Velocity 84.
  • Back Cover by Craig Hicks of an 8way FS exit over Skydive Hibaldstow. We think it flew. Maybe.
  • Rai Ahmed: shiny new guest host in the studio.
  • Rai thinks you should do a canopy course.
  • Sarah Neale downloads our favourite 32 downloads. Yummy.
  • Lodi Cessna Caravan crash.
  • Fresh air for sale - good luck Jakob.
  • Brian has a Burning Man ticket and wants to partake in Burning Sky. But… money… and time… 
  • Joel is too tired to turn up.
  • Craig celebrates being a new father (Hello Agnes!) and how with so little sleep he feels like death. He’s never been so tired.
  • Craig still turns up.
  • Tash is off galavanting around the world (USPA CF Nationals), looking down her nose and judging people.
  • Rai talks about her near death experience/ brush with a dust devil in March and how she thinks you should do a canopy course.
  • Brian is actually booked onto a canopy course.
  • Tipsy rigging sweepstake. Brian, immediately after the last episode, with a little help from Tash, put a new set of risers onto his kit. When he did a line check at the DZ, how many mistakes were there? 0, 1-2, 3 or more?
  • Rai still thinks you should do a canopy course.

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