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Jun 25, 2020

• DanBC & Mark Kirkby discuss getting back to jumping in the USA.
• Dieter Kirsch discusses getting back to jumping in Germany.
• Craig cries off with some bullsh*t excuse about being busy
• Tash cries off with some bullsh*t excuse about being busy
• Rai cries off with some bullsh*t excuse about being busy
• Brian gets desperate and begs for help
• Supersubs Chris Cook and Laura Hampton step forward. By sitting on their sofa and quaffing wine from goblets. #classy
• Chris talks about gardening, DIY and writing a whole article in the past 12 weeks.
• Laura complains about having too much money in her bank account.
• Chris talks about kangaroo vaginas
• This is not a podcast about kangaroo vaginas
• Wayne Glenn front cover photo of Skydive Langar jumping after the lockdown pause.
• Craig Poxon back cover selfie on fathers’ day. <3
• DanBC definitely does not turn the air blue.
• Chimera experience of Twinwoods Remote Escape Room
• Skydive Langar’s 6 part plan to getting back to jumping
• Chris talks about getting back to swooping after a long break
• Laura demonstrates her method for putting on a buff as a facemask. Gets 4,500 views. Whoa.
• Laura Hampton alternate back cover sporting a buff as a facemask by Chris Cook
• Support from Flysight
• Support from Indoor Wingsuit
• Laura likes how Mark Kirkby exposes himself often
• Chris decides that sometimes he does like people. But don’t tell anyone.
• Listener social media tags.
• Brian’s bigway camp in Czechia at end of July looks more likely.
• Brian's 80way event in California at end of Sept looks less likely.
• What the f*** is going on? Does anyone know?
• Brian does some online classes. You can find them at


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