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Jan 23, 2020

• Jonas and Peter from the Indoor Wingsuit tunnel
• Pete Allum talks about the Flysight
• Front cover by Benjamin Fordesign of Maxine Tate flying multi smoke over Skydive Arizona. #womensskydivingnetwork #highlightproteam
• Back cover of graffiti in New York.
• Should we look at Patreon?
• British Skydiving is such BS
• New logos. New Board of Directors. New Chair?
• British Skydiving Expo weekend is so close you can smell it
• Abu Dhabi 32’ wind tunnel. Whoa.
• Twinwoods Adventure reopens after a 4 1/2 month power cut
• USIS national championships
• 110way round is a big formation next September
• Andy Newall’s book Bodyflight Basics is out now.
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