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Sep 21, 2022

• Laura Hampton, British National Champion
• Andy Ford School of Hard Knocks (41:50)
• Front Cover photo by Gary Swoop Wainwright of the Sky Games at Skydive Langar
• Back Cover photo by Paul Rimmington of the Rookie Rumble with appropriately placed British Skydiving banner. Craig and Tash approve. Brian is relieved.
• Craig is busy with British Skydiving stuff
• 4wayFS Nationals
• Low attendance solutions
• 8wayFS Nationals
• Other Nationals
• Book Club with Laura Hampton recommending Simon Sinek ‘Start With Why” (1:01:05)
• Costa Rica ‘Party on the Playa’ Boogie remembered by Tim Johnson (1:41:00)
• Stupid malfunctions. Laura packed hers. Brian opened his.
• Stupid audible story, thanks Brexit
• Brian loves his Insta360 Go2 but not when people ask him what camera it is.
• How does Brian fit a 360deg camera to a helmet with a Mohawk?
• Laura won’t be at Indoor Nationals. 


• Brian goes off-script talking about mental health. (1:48:20) If the chemicals in your brain are messed up you can reach out to a dedicated skydiving support network: or Samaritans 

Don’t be alone. Make a connection. 

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