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May 11, 2021

• Herman Landsman | Spotting From a C130 (19:40)
• “It’s windy”
• Pete Allum Future Proofing Skydiving (59:45)
• Front Cover photo by Alex Potter
• Back Cover photo by Alex Potter
• Cover photos sponsored by HB Camera Mount
• Andy Ford voicemail and logbook chat to get hard over (1:14:20)
• Craig ejaculates silently
• Skydive Logger on iOS is recommended
• It’s not on Android though, is it? Ugh
• Tash talks to us from the future
• Craig talks to us from the past.
• Craig is the most awkward turtle you can possibly imagine (1:48:59)
• Curt Bartholomew swooping a pyramid - nothing to see here
• Craig likes free beer
• Mondial update - it’s happening!
• Craig reminisces about World Team
• Alex Santau practicing tracking in the tunnel question
• Fiona Meybirn question leads Brian down a merry path
• Tom Dent Static Line question
• Brian’s listened to some skydivers on non-skydiving podcasts
• Transplants Take on Sport podcast featuring Maddy Warren
• Me Myself and Mind podcast featuring Megan Reeves
• BXM Inspired podcast featuring Liam Byrne
• Paul Taylor's Happy Hour featuring Karine Joly and Greg Crozier
• Craig plans a fun jump. In three months time.
• Craig loses another friend cause of British Skydiving
• Tash checks ALL the weather apps.
• Rai doesn’t make it back from the toilet

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• HB Camera Mount
• Desert Island Discs
• Curt Bartholomew Swooping a pyramid
• Pete Allum’s video. 4way, wingsuit, sky surfer
• Paul Taylor's Happy Hour

We hope you enjoy.