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Feb 24, 2021

• Pete Allum talks FS, CP and all things Pete (1:01:50)
• Dave Clarke Front Cover photo
• Alan Foulkes-Williams Back Cover photo
• Andy Ford submits some photos but is a better model, weirdly.
• Cover photos sponsored by HB Camera Mount
• Pete Allum's future proofing of our sport (2:30:45)
• Dropzones to reopen soon?
• ISC update
• What's a Canopy Piloting Working Group?
• Social media furore
• British Skydiving wants to Ban Parachuting Altogether
• New canopy downsizing regulations
• Craig is the OG
• Brian is living life in 3D
• Tash adds another bow to her style
• Rai gets eaten by her dog
• Support from FlySight
• Support from Indoor Wingsuit

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