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Feb 9, 2021

• Hans Donner | Advanced Instructor | Entrepreneur | BASE Accident (1:16:20)
• Hans starts a Big BASE Beanie company from his hospital bed
• Dave Donnelly first jump story. wtf!!! (2:26:10)
• Ali Woodhouse CYPRES save (3:07:01)
• Pete Allum skydiving in 2050 (3:19:31)
• Front Cover by Julia Schosser
• Back Cover by Alex Janko
• Support from HB Mount
• Craig didn’t buy beer.
• Dave Schwartz from Skydive Radio guest slot, damn he’s annoyingly intelligent
• British Skydiving Expo didn’t happen but a Langar Zoogie did
• Craig invests in new tech again. New mic now.
• 15th Anniversary of the 400way world record. If only we knew someone cool enough to have been on it.
• Craig gets out his 2006 World Team tracksuit, trainers and baseball cap out. Too cool.
• Brian ran a quiz and 5ppl popped their reserve for points.
• Rai got name checked at the ISC
• Dave, the American, wants to know what a Chief Instructor is
• Dave asks about kids growing up on the DZ.
• Support from Indoor Wingsuit
• Support from FlySight

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