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Jan 14, 2021

• Karine Joly World Champ Freeflyer
• Front Cover by Ralph Wilhelms over Skydive Pink Klatovy
• Back Cover by Emily Aucutt over Skydive Pink Klatovy
• Cover photos sponsored by HB Mounts
• Rich Grimm of Tsunami Skydivers Book Club
• Karine explains how she keeps warm jumping in the winter
• Wind Rose
• Brian’s scariest moment of 2020 revealed and it isn’t what you expected…
• Brian bought a camera and then dropped it.
• Craig gushed over some skydiving tech
• Russia is banned. World Champs to be discussed.
• Dan BC Youtube channel
• Twinwoods works so hard to get nowhere
• iFly was kinda open
• Crystal got married to Matt
• Eloy Xmas Boogie Covid outbreak
• Brian’s summer camps are sold out. Will they happen though?
• Craig has a Big Base Beanie
• Craig does it again. <shakes head>
• Support from Indoor Wingsuit
• Support from Flysight
• Rai grows a person
• Tash grows a yoga studio
• Tash learns how to be an instructor in German
• Brian’s online classes and gets quizzical


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