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Dec 3, 2020

• Craig and Rai return for the lockdown
• Ask The Expert with Sharon Harnoy-Pilcher (1h12m06)
• Front Cover photo by Ewan Cowie of Vince Reffet
• Back Cover photo of a “V for Vince” by Sherif Seif El Nasr
• The skydiving world mourns the passing of Vince Reffet
• Photo submissions from Ep77 onwards will win a 50% voucher for HB Mounts. Email us your best photo please. :-)
• Rai flew in the wind tunnel, between feeding and nappy changes
• Craig gets confused and thinks this is episode 75
• Brian has a Code Brown #poofessional
• Dean Masters meme king
• Skydive Portugal Black Friday deal
Indoor Wingsuit share offer (too late, sorry)
Flysight wingsuit tracks in cloud - oops
• British Skydiving Expo cancelled
• British Skydiving AGM will happen, somehow
• British Skydiving election discussion
• iFly patent discussion
• There are no outtakes.

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