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Jun 12, 2020

• Martin Soulsby and the person behind the public face.
• Martin discusses Covid19 and British Skydiving’s response to the pandemic.
• Martin agrees that he dodged a bullet.
• Martin answers questions from listeners.
• We take the piss.
• Relentlessly.
• Craig aims for the middle of the road.
• Tash is furious.
• Rai is sitting up for this episode.
• Brian is sitting on the loo for this episode.
• British Skydiving cancels all 2020 National Competitions
• PTOA (Parachute Training Organisations Association) is formed.
• Quarantine affects Brian’s bigway camp in Klatovy and his Brit200 plans
• Sunniest Spring on record. FFS.
• Sabre3 is out now. More information required.
• Brian does some online classes. You can find them at

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