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Dec 3, 2020

• Craig and Rai return for the lockdown
• Ask The Expert with Sharon Harnoy-Pilcher (1h12m06)
• Front Cover photo by Ewan Cowie of Vince Reffet
• Back Cover photo of a “V for Vince” by Sherif Seif El Nasr
• The skydiving world mourns the passing of Vince Reffet
• Photo submissions from Ep77 onwards will...

Dec 3, 2020

• Martin Soulsby gives some background on recent BPA controversies
• Martin is very diplomatic
• Brian is disappointed as he wanted something juicy to boost download stats.
• Bruno Brokken Front Cover Photo of a 4way over somewhere
• BPA Good governance
• Election Nov 2020
• Pilots Age Working Group

Oct 2, 2020

• Grant Richards, Chair of the Parachute Training Organisation Association
• James LaBarrie interview on how to run an amazing boogie.
• Martin Skrbel Front Cover of Pete Harries deploying
• Brian pronounces his own name wrong. #amateur
• Grant explains how the PTOA was born
• PTOA: what, how, why, when,...

Aug 25, 2020

• Bruno Brokken, world class cameraflyer, XL interview
• Bruno Brokken Front Cover Photo of Sian, Milko and Herman over the Blue Hole in Belize
• Photos in Skydive The Mag, Aug 2020 edition
• Bruno’s photo in the Alps
• Bruno’s photo of a 100way multi-pointer
• Bruno’s photo of a CF stack at sunset

Jul 1, 2020

• Roy Wimmer-Jaglom, world class cameraflyer, XL interview
• Rick Poplinger Front Cover Photo of Niculai Miru having some freefall facemask issues.
• Roy Wimmer-Jaglom kit (and sponsor plug) back cover photo
• Roy's interview starts 1h03m
• Roy discusses canopy separation
• Roy has an unusual way of packing...