Radio Skydive UK
  • Norman Kent Headline Interview - the world’s most famous skydiving cameraflyer talks to us about his life and career. 
  • Mike Carpenter School of Hard Knocks (aircraft emergencies)
  • Answers from Drunk Skydivers reveals that they don’t know about jerking off. <sad face>
  • Front Cover by Ming Chu. Self portrait over Skydive NorthWest (Cark) of him and his Velocity 84.
  • Back Cover by Craig Hicks of an 8way FS exit over Skydive Hibaldstow. We think it flew. Maybe.
  • Rai Ahmed: shiny new guest host in the studio.
  • Rai thinks you should do a canopy course.
  • Sarah Neale downloads our favourite 32 downloads. Yummy.
  • Lodi Cessna Caravan crash.
  • Fresh air for sale - good luck Jakob.
  • Brian has a Burning Man ticket and wants to partake in Burning Sky. But… money… and time… 
  • Joel is too tired to turn up.
  • Craig celebrates being a new father (Hello Agnes!) and how with so little sleep he feels like death. He’s never been so tired.
  • Craig still turns up.
  • Tash is off galavanting around the world (USPA CF Nationals), looking down her nose and judging people.
  • Rai talks about her near death experience/ brush with a dust devil in March and how she thinks you should do a canopy course.
  • Brian is actually booked onto a canopy course.
  • Tipsy rigging sweepstake. Brian, immediately after the last episode, with a little help from Tash, put a new set of risers onto his kit. When he did a line check at the DZ, how many mistakes were there? 0, 1-2, 3 or more?
  • Rai still thinks you should do a canopy course.

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  • John Kallend headline interview, skydiver and Physics professor dispels the “45 degree myth” and talks about exit order
  • Mikey Carpenter Thought for the Podcast. He’s inimitable
  • Norman Kent School of Hard Knocks
  • Front Cover by Chris Cook taken by the impressive Ricoh Theta 360deg camera
  • Back Cover 1 by Brad Patterson of the most scared tandem in the world
  • Back Cover 2 by Ally Milne also using the Ricoh Theta this time for a swoop landing and
  • Back Cover 3 is Core Skydiving’s Mike McNulty teaching someone to track in the tunnel.
  • Which is your favourite? We couldn’t decide. So we used all of them.
  • There is no banter.
  • What's better...doing more jumps but paying for them? Or less jumps but getting paid for them?
  • French Parachute Federation introduces draconian canopy size / wing loading regulations - are they giving the BPA ideas?
  • Airtec relaxes the servicing requirements for new Cypreses (Cyprii?)
  • BPA relaxes medical certificate requirements for tandem students
  • Why "Nobody Should Skydive"...thought piece video and how it was received by certain sections of the membership
  • Brian and Jack expand their empire with purchase of the steaming cess pool that is and Craig doesn't give a fuck.
  • Return of the strikes back
  • We're British so of course we discuss the weather
  • Lots of listener questions from Markus, anonymous asks about wind tunnel competitions, Matt Kite asks about equipment lifing (Craig almost mentions the war but thinks he gets away with it), Papa G, James Moseley, Jeremy asks about stuff, Matt Brown asks about incident tracking and reporting
  • Brian has been to California again and has his FF1. Only took 13 years!
  • Bigway Beginners X (internationally renowned) was a big success. No thanks to wildly incorrect weather forecast
  • Craig increases his wing loading again and ponders wing loadings > 3
  • Tash appreciates the difference between tunnel and sky flying. She flies the flag. For something. Probably Brexit. ;-)
  • Tash is touching cloth again, owes beer for a first and is judging the weekend's UKSL

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• Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld headline interview and pure gold comes from his mouth. His book Above All Else is available from all good book shops (and some shitty ones too).
• Matt Zwicker's School of Hard Knocks
• Front cover by Linzi Johnston of an FF jump taken over Skydive Algarve
• Back photo is Rai Ahmed's shadow carving around the Bedford tunnel
AGM Expo - Rob Lloyd rocks it. Brian snubs the meal yet again. Late nights all round
• Craig reminisces about the skydiving gig he's been dining on for the last 10 years
• UKS died...but was resuscitated
• Windoor Windgames freestyle to music broke the internet
• Chatteris offers massive 4wayFS cash prize
• Brian can't drink the Kool-Aid because he doesn't know what it means
• Brian might have won medals if he was competing against Airspeed back in the day
• Brian shamelessly plugs his Bigway Beginners camp. Skydive Langar, 16/17th April
• Craig is current again and his magical logbook proves that his recent layoff is not his longest
• Craig thought he was a little bit over tunnel, but then splurged on a load more time at the Expo
• Craig can't break the habit of a lifetime and calls the Expo the AGM
• The World Challenge approaches
• Brian and Craig are going to the States this year but not the same place or at the same time
• Craig encodes 1.1TBs of old skydiving DV tapes...which will only take 4.5 months to backup online
• Jonathan Charles sporting wingsuit hybrid reserve deployment

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  • Patrick Passe Feature Length Interview
  • Recorded via Skype between France and California, USA.
  • Brian and Patrick geek out on bigway
  • Patrick reveals his successes
  • Patrick reveals even more he meant to
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  • Mikey Carpenter Headline interview
  • School of Hard Knocks with Jan whatsisface <video here>
  • Regan Tetlows Motivational Social Media Meme on Audio makes a stunning debut
  • Melanie Curtis supplies a Thought for the Podcast
  • Front cover by Laszlo Andacs of the Night Large Formation Record Attempts
  • Back cover by Rolf Kuratle of Microclimate 8way over Dubai
  • RSUK stages a coup to take over Council
  • Brian is for turning
  • Craig is an idiot (his words). Check your canopy lines!
  • Tash loves the smell of tunnel in the morning
  • Joel is over the competitive FS scene. Suggestions for what’s next please?
  • World Air Games round up
  • Some dude does something that’s been done before but we still talk about it.
  • Escondido reunion tunnel party 
  • James Round’s gift makes it to the studio. Thank you!
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  • Patrick Passe discusses bigway FS and the 202way Sequential world record
  • Janette Lefkowitz School of Hard Knocks
  • Front Cover by Bruno Brokken of the Jetmen over Skydive Dubai flying alongside an A380.
  • Back Cover by Willy Boeykens of the 202way sequential world record skydive midway between the two points. Taken over Skydive Perris.
  • Our favourite Californian Crystal Sanchez makes a guest appearance.
  • We forget to show Crystal the show outline.
  • We forget to ask Crystal any questions. 
  • Our second favourite German Markus gets married.
  • Jetman Dubai <video> takes our breath away and Crystal makes a bold claim.
  • Wind tunnel competitions are two a penny
  • Skydive TV at USPA Nationals interviews Tash <video>
  • Regan gets around.
  • Brian turns his camera off for a jump and doesn’t film a premature canopy deployment and resulting entanglement
  • Brian keeps his camera off for a second jump and doesn’t film himself flying through the tail of a dust devil and eating the dirt. Fool.
  • Two stage flare vs progressive flare discussion
  • Craig likes to drive three hours for ten minutes of wind tunnel action. Or to self flagellate himself with 4minute rotations on high power. 
  • We forget to talk about Crystal’s forthcoming Christmas card jump.
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  • Rob Lloyd interview where he tells us five top tips for taking better photos.
  • SoHK with Steve Lefkowitz from RhythmXP
  • Front cover by Stefan Pacel of Oliver Ellis over Skydive Algarve
  • Back cover by Rob Lloyd of Jeannie Bartholomew swooping the pond at Skydive Dunkeswell.
  • Special transatlantic edition of RSUcK with Brian in Los Angeles, Craig in London and Tash in Berkshire. Let us know what you thought to the sound quality and level of banter.
  • Brian gets his second world record on the Sequential 202way jumps. And. Face. Plants.
  • Craig hoards his mini-DV tapes. Forever.
  • Tash leaves her wallet at Skydive Ocana and complains about cold winters.
  • Craig has a beautiful and desirable Sensei 81 for sale.
  • Tash is a speed judge and can therefore judge what other judges judge in half the time. 
  • Brian spends most of the podcast talking in his sleep.
  • Airkix birthday tunnel offer.
  • European head up record & Mikey Lovemore breaks 500 kph
  • We love all comments and feedback.

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  • Mikey Lovemore / Jason Bird feature interview about Speed Skydiving
  • Early Christmas present
  • British wingsuit record
  • British Headdown record
  • FS Nationals and 8-way upset
  • World cup news
  • Voicemail from Chief Minja - Lorene Latour
  • Brian got an easy ride becoming an AFF instructor
  • Craig debates (berates?) Brian's decision to stand down from BPA Council
  • Brian's off travelling for two months - but have no fear dear listeners
  • Brian gets awesome in the tunnel
  • Front cover from the Danish big way by Michael Boe Laigaard
  • School of Hard Knocks with Gary Connery
  • Back cover by Ming Chu
  • Ask the Expert with Willy Boeykens about Vigil AADs
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  • Dave Butterell and Paul Cooper talk bigway formations in wingsuiting and head down respectively.
  • Alex 'Buzz' Busby-Hicks School of Hard Knocks
  • Front Cover by Dan Guest of the World Record VFS Large Formation 170way first attempt over Skydive Chicago.
  • Back Cover 1 by Ming Chu of x and y competing at the CF Nationals at Black Knights Parachute Club. 
  • Back Cover 2 by Roy Wimmer-Jaglom of Hannah Parker and Elise Sharp performing a front roll out of the door over Skydive Hibaldstow.
  • Skydive Hibaldstow do 403 tandem skydives in 11 hours. AND put up seven three plane formation loads. AND run a normal jump program. The Hib Machine is unbeatable.
  • Phil Wayper's home made canopy gets jumped in the UK by Ray Armstrong.
  • Craig celebrates his 18th year in the sport and creates an alti clock app for his android watch. Woop-di-do.
  • Tash has a shave and shows us a gash or two. The first caused by a mock-up on the ground not matching the plane door, the second caused by an alarming bacon incident.
  • Brian gets approached in the toilets and prepares for his AFF Instructor course.
  • Craig gets binned from his CF team and aroused by being on the same plane as Tash.

Thanks to Tash for editing. Brian and Craig are both on the naughty step for not finishing off the post-production sooner.

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  • Gary Connery discusses setting aviation history by becoming the first person to intentionally leave an aircraft and land successfully without using a parachute.
  • The Man Who Flew to Earth
  • Front Cover of Gary Connery on final approach. Photo by Viki Bingham.
  • Brian gets sweaty, tongue tied and nervous interviewing one of his sporting heroes, luckily for him the interview was over Skype and luckily for you, podcasts don’t have video.
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